Warhammer - Wrath of Heroes Beta access

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Warhammer - Wrath of Heroes Beta access

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You can try the beta right now (until next week). To get your key follow this LINK

The download is less than one GigaByte. But you might want to skip it all together.

It's not an MMORPG. It's basically the Warhammer Online scenarios except with 3 sides (blue/green/red teams) with 6 players on each side. It going to use the F2P (free to play) model.

It's a simple game (the combat you mash one of 5 buttons on your toolbar with different abilities unique to each hero you control). You level up after each schenario, got to Level 4 after 2 scenarios.

It's the sort of game for people who want just Arena combat/scanerios. Nothing more.
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