A different MMOPRG - Lineage2???

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A different MMOPRG - Lineage2???

Post by ocho »

Recently elv posted this comment to suf's page:

"Heh haven't read this page for ages, nice to see bsp dying :) Hi to all who remember me if anyone does!

You speak so much about WOW - just to inform, we play another MMOCRPG, Lineage2, and we even do not pay for it :)
Speaking "we" i mean russian players like Oleg, Darby and some others, and of course allmighty Brama!
So abandon your WOW with restricted pk, korean game much harder and cruel... "

Does anyone who plays these type of games have some information and comments? Sounds like it has better PK than WOW and is FREE. FREE rules to me, so I'm interested.
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Post by Raf »

I haven't tried Lineage2 and didn't know it was free now?

Some people in my guild (daoc) tried Lineage2 when it came out but came back to daoc, they didn't seem to like it too much beside the graphics which at the time were top notch.
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